Electron Beam Welding

Advantages of Electron Beam welding

  • Minimal distortion
  • Freedom from Impurities
  • Superior Controllability

The low energy input to the workpiece is possible because the electron beam process does not depend on the thermal conductivity of the material as with most conventional welding. 

Electron Beam Welding

Electrons penetrate deeply into the material with a single pass. Since the heat input is  proportional to the fusion zone(depth x width) the heat input of electron beam welding is considerably less than tig welding . Electron beam welding keeps the distortion factor to a minimum. 

 Benefits from low total energy. 

  • Minimized deformation and shrinkage of the workpiece.
  • Minimized deterioration of the mechanical properties. 

 These benefits allow for welding of parts that have been finished to final dimension, welding in close proximity to heat-sensitive components, welding of refractory and reactive materials and welding dissimilar metals not usually joinable by conventional welding.

Freedom from Impurities

The workpiece is not contaminated during the welding process. Electrons do not have chemical or material properties and the weld chamber is evacuated, which results in freedom from impurities.

Superior Controllability

Through machine adjustments the power, energy, spot size and position of the beam are under the control of the operator